24 hour access for with membership. Work out on your own in the gym. Great variety of iron equipment to support any training modality. Payments deducted monthly through auto deduction. Unlimited visits. No contract fees. No cancellation fees. No admin or enhancement fees.

Need to know your starting point on the 3 main compound lifts: Squat, Bench and Deadlift? Let us help you attain your totals for your own personal starting point in your training program, for college prospect data reports, or to see where you are at in your program assessing gains, new PR’s and how to build your program forward (periodized training).

In the area? Need to get your training on while en route? We are your stop! Easy, in/out, no paperwork, focus on your intended training in a gym that is low-key, great equipment options for all training types, and family-type camaraderie environment. Multi-day drop-in punchcard discount rates also available – please inquire by sending us a message through our contact form!

One on one coaching private session specialized for you. Individual assessment, modifications, adaptations and programming based on your form, strength, weak points, flexibility, mobility, CNS and training goals. Coaching frequency (how many times you meet w/coach per a week) is discussed during intake and is adjusted up or down as you progress or needs are identified. Payments are auto-deducted per cycle. Cycles are 4 weeks in length. Minimum of 3-6 cycles of training is required to start creating a new baseline and start to see results. Please email us through our contact form to inquire.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Especially when you need that extra little cheering and spot on your lift to hit the full range of motion or snag a PR. Groups of up to 4-6 on the same workout program, training together with one coach. This still offers a lot of individual attention to your form, weaknesses, while using group effort to support transition through the lifts and for camaraderie and motivation. Prices per person differ depending on how many are in your group and how many times a week your group trains together. Please email us through our contact form to inquire.

This can be a stand alone, added to any gym membership, added to any private coaching or added to semi-private client. Programming is structured, individualized, specific to client goals and needs. Progressions and adaptations are done on as needed throughout each cycle. A cycle is based on 4 weeks. We will look at habits, history and provide support beyond the nutrition programming through texts, email and FaceTime. We utilize proven systems based on whole foods, macros & micronutrients, gut microbia/gut health, metabolic/endocrine functioning, food selection, food proportion, vitamins and supplements. NO frills, gimmicks, short-term trendy challenges, or sales pitches. We are in this for the long haul. We are here to teach you to become independently capable of eating smart, fueling your body, functioning optimally at your best and embracing lifelong sustainable habits that are self-serving. More details regarding your specific plan forward will be discussed during intake. Email us to get started today, by booking your free consultation. Cost is per a cycle, one cycle is 28 days.

Specialized and individuated training and nutrition programming. Support is given through texts, email and FaceTime. After initial intake and assessment, you will receive your program. In order to help you achieve your goals, communication is imperative and KEY in your success. Feedback allows your coach to decide on progressions and adaptations and those are implemented as needed throughout the cycle, not at the end. The more feedback, the better your coach can coach you and assist you to getting you to where you want to be. Payments are made via auto-deduction at the start of each cycle. Recommend 6 cycles for an effective new baseline of strength, health, wellness, building muscle, losing fat. During intake your application will describe the due outs for you to initiate online coaching. This is an extremely effective way to have a coach, whether you are local or long distance, program your training and nutrition.

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