WELCOME! We are thrilled that you have chosen to use TRIBUTE Training and Performance as a source of information and guidance, as you make daily decisions affecting your health and wellness.   As coaches we help to guide your choices from novice to advanced athletes, through programming aligned to meet your goals and health needs.  All of our programs are individualized and adaptations are made intermittently as needed through constant communication.  Whether you are just beginning your journey or you are advanced in your knowledge base, TRIBUTE Training and Performance is a safe place to grow and learn everyday.  Knowledge is infinite.  We aim to not only provide strength/conditioning, tactical, athletic and nutrition programming, but to keep you informed with the latest updates.  The internet is over saturated with information and coaches.  At times it can be very overwhelming, leaving you in a position of uncertainty of which direction to go in or where to start!  Argh!  As coaches, we use evidence and outcome-based decision making.   We serve as a platform to keep you educated and confident in the choices you make.  We will never steer you wrong!  As an informed consumer of information, on our site you will find an array of contents stemming from current research, recipes, tips, training and opportunities to communicate and ask questions.  You may ask, why choose us as your go-to source because there are so many different people to follow?  In a nutshell, we would answer with:  we are personable, we care, we are reliable, we are resourceful, we question the validity of sources and most importantly we ensure your health safety in the all the choices we make or provide.  As professionals, we do not take our position with your health lightly.  We have quality training and guidance to support the decisions we make and the direction we provide services in.  We are firm believers that exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand and serve as the basis for all actions in life, from activities of daily living, to specific fitness/sports and job/performance oriented goals.  So whether you are just trying to transform you life into a healthier one, in a tactical profession or an athlete trying to improve performance… We are HERE for YOU!

5 thoughts on “OUR STORY

  1. Hello! I love what your gym is about, as my father is a retired Marine (22 years). I want to lose fat, and then strengthen my core and lower half. Would this be possible at your gym? Or do I need to lose the fat through cardio on my own and then come there for the strength training, because I don’t recall seeing a treadmill or any other normal cardio machines.


    1. Hi Lee- Thank you so much for your reply! OORAH as a Marine says! We would love to have you come by the gym! Lets discuss your goals and the way forward. We surely can help you with your strength goals. We are focused on strength and conditioning. The way we work with clients and program design is purposeful, individualized and works to lose fat, stay strong and gain lean muscle. These dynamics that are critical for increased performance and improved health, all the while minimizing injury….which happens in many gyms due to lack of knowledge and no attention to detail. WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS AND MINUTIAE! Precision is key to us and thats how we train. We do have a bike and we embed cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance into our programming. We do have some clients that bike or run on their own and we program that too for them if they are a client working with us! So Call or email us! You can email us at lisa@tributetrainingperformance.com or fill out our contact form on the website. Of course our number is 703-221-8871. Really looking forward to hearing from you! TRIBUTE TOUGH!


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