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Lisa has been involved in the health and wellness industry since 1990, where she entered her first fitness competition at age 15 and it continued to develop into a passion for fitness/training/mentoring when she entered the US Army in 1993. Throughout school, independent leagues and the Army, Lisa was engaged with many genres of sports, but focused on softball, football, track/running marathons and weight training. While in the Army Lisa always exceeded fitness standards and lead by example as a Master Fitness Trainer.
Lisa’s tactical and technical proficiency propelled her towards hitting the stage again after retiring from the Army competing in 3 fitness/physique competitions, placing in all 3 shows, where she earned her Pro Card, 2nd place with SAF Federation (Serious About Fitness) in Ottawa, Canada; 3rd place Fitness Model with WBFF in Montreal, Canada and then she earned her NPC National qualifier status placing top positions in 5 different categories.
Lisa’s passion for addressing the mindset of an individual or athlete is key when training or mentoring and she believes this is what will separate the achievers/believers ahead of their respective peers. Lisa’s relentless pursuit of knowledge is evident by staying current with peer reviewed, research-based data in biomechanics, strength and conditioning, speed and agility and injury prevention and she applies these principles to her training/education. Lisa has been a Registered Nurse for 14 years specializing in Neuroscience, Maternal/Newborn Health and as Nurse Case Manager for Army Warriors in Transition where her knowledge base of resiliency tactics and health/nutritional knowledge assisted soldiers physical and mental well-being. Her medical background, coupled with her fitness knowledge allows her to truly understand many comorbidities associated with barriers to wellness and fitness for any individual from novice to athlete.  
She and her husband Pete (Co-Owners of Tribute Training and Performance) are currently engaged with their expansion of personal training/strength coaching/powerlifting under the tutelage of Matt Wenning, MS, based out of Columbus, Ohio.  Lisa loves the connection of the brain and the body, and how they both are affected, created and formed by your mind (your thinking process).
-US ARMY, Retired, Army Nurse Corps, 21 years
-PhD: Exercise Science, w/ secondary emphasis in Sports Nutrition-1st year, 2018
-MS: Nursing and Eduction, 2020
-MS: Exercise Fitness and Health Promotion, Virginia, George Mason University, 2017

-BSN: Registered Nurse, Virginia, George Mason University, 2001
-Physique Competitor – first show in 1990; 2014, WBFF Fitness Model 3rd place, Montreal Canada; 2014, SAF Elite Pro (Serious About Fitness) 2 place, Ottawa Canada; 2014 NPC, 5 categories top 5 placement, qualified for nationals
-Athlete and Team member since 2013, Tulum Strength Club
-PN1, Precision Nutrition Specialist- Level 1 Coach Sports & Exercise Nutrition
-CISSN, Certified Sports Nutritionist,  International Society of Sports Nutrition
-ACE – Certified Personal Trainer
-AMN – Applied Movement Neurology, Neuroskeletal Practitioner 
-CSAC – Certified Speed and Agility Coach
-Yogafit for Warriors Certified Instructor
-Group Fitness Trainer
-PPPT Trainer- Certified Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training -Instructor/Educator (US Army Public Health Center)
-Labor/Delivery/OBGYN Nurse
-Nurse Case Manager/Wounded Warriors
-Neuroscience Nurse

-CPR/First Aid Certified/Neonatal Resuscitation Certified
-High school and club sports: physique competitor, softball, football, marathon runner, track

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