After 20 years of operational and tactical execution in the US Army Infantry and tactical law enforcement, Pete has come full circle with his BS in Exercise Science and his personal training experience by studying, training and investing as Co-Owner of the tactical athlete gym – Tribute Training and Performance.
Pete always maintained the standard for the Army Physical Fitness Badge (290) or exceeded the standard by delving into the extended scale scoring system (above 300).  While leading his men, Pete has ascertained that the Soldier, Marine, Seamen, Airmen, and Coastie are all professional athletes asked to carry, drag, ruck, run, climb, endure, swim, strength, jump, crawl, shoot, move, and communicate at a moments notice. Therefore, the old PT tests are being replaced. Pete can help strengthen your body and reduce the risk of injury. He is also a Natural Tactical CAR weapons shooting instructor, where physiology and flight or flight are elements embedded to enhance accuracy and neutralizing the target.
Since, the mid 1980’s Pete has played lacrosse from HS and collegiate levels, to currently the Men’s Masters level. Currently, Pete has a secret clearance NCIS background check and US Lacrosse Level 3 Coaching certified. Using his first hand player experience, six years of coaching at the youth level, HS level and coaching education from US Lacrosse, Pete helped increase the competitive level of Prince William County Lacrosse.
With such a diverse background- Pete is very excited about reengaging in Strength, Power, Speed and Agility and helping the tactical athlete or the lacrosse athlete see THEIR performance increase, assist the novice lifter in form or support veterans trying to get back in the game.
Retired MAJ, US Army, Infantry
MS Exercise & Human Performance 2019
BS in Ex Sci, GMU 1996
ACE CPT 2015, 1994
CAR, Central Axis Relock, Instructor 2015
Precision Nutrition 1 Coach 2016
CSAC, Certified Speed and Agility Coach 2016
Athletes Acceleration, Jump Training 2016
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